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Mulberry (Morus alba)

Morus alba (mulberry)

White mulberry, Morus alba-is an amazing healing herb that everyone should get to know. This plant is native to India, China, and Japan, but has naturalized in the United States. It grows abundantly along the coast of the southeast United States. It is a small tree with grey bark.

This plant is widely used in India, China, and Japan, but barely known as a medicinal herb in the U.S. The leaves have been used for insomnia, wound healing, eye infections, influenza, asthma, edema, bronchitis, and diabetes. The leaves have also been used to treat premature greying of the hair, fatigue, anemia, urinary incontinence, tinnitus, dizziness and constipation in elderly patients.

My first mulberry harvest

The mulberry leaf tea has a great nutritive taste and it enjoyable hot or cold. I have enjoyed many cups since harvesting and adding this herbal tea to my apothecary. It is definitely an herb worth giving a try. Stay tuned-we are currently making blends.

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